When I was illustrating forest creatures for my children's book, "Raven's Plan to Fool Man," I kept having words that matched the characters spring to my mind. As I was laying out the book, many of the creatures were only featured as part of my forest photographs. I felt each of them deserved a little more attention. So...I took the illustrations, painted a new "footing" for them, and added the words that had inspired me. It was such fun! I began painting creatures not featured in the book...the Killer Whale, Otter, Seals. More will be coming I am sure.


Cards come in sets of 14, with envelopes. Size 4.25 x 5.5 Messaging on outside. Blank inside.

To purchase individual cards, in cellophane sleeves, the cost is $5.00 each, plus shipping. To order these, or for bulk pricing please email us.

INCLUDED: (click to see large illustration)


14 card set

$28 USD + $5 S/H

I had not planned to sell the cards. I just wanted to create and give them to friends. These friends kept asking to purchase the cards and persuaded me to market them. Nancy's Canvas is the result of their encouragement. 

If you order these cards, I hope they bring joy to you and the people who receive them. They were created and sent with love.