…a writer, photographer and illustrator. Born Nancy Davis in Anchorage, Territory of Alaska, my father Charles A. Davis was raised in the small town of Hope. He taught me about hunting and fishing, instilling a love of forests and their creatures. I learned from him to be still, watch and listen. With silence the creatures come forth and you get to be part of their world. The character Charley, in my children’s book, “Raven’s Plan to Fool Man,” was inspired by my father.

I am Nancy Hollenbeck...

My husband, Cliff Hollenbeck, was a photojournalist. He had gone to work with the airline, after being an editor at the Fairbanks Daily News and the Anchorage Times. Cliff taught me how to write like a journalist and how to make good photography.


Together we have authored two dozen books. We have created “how to” books on photography, destination pictorial books, and pictorial corporate history books, which includes Alaska Airlines 80th anniversary book. We are a team that finds and creates joy every day. Separately, Cliff writes and performs music, and authors novels. I illustrate and write, creating cards and the children’s book you see.

Dad flew a B-29 boomer during WWII and was hired by Pacific Northern Airlines after the war. Originally based in Anchorage, the airline moved it’s flight crews to Seattle, Washington. That brought our family into the Pacific Northwest.


I graduated from high school and college in Washington State,  returning to Anchorage for a year’s worth of adventure, before starting work as an elementary school teacher. I wanted to explore my father’s land and to visit far northern communities. The cost to fly north was beyond my budget, so I went to work for a small airline called Wien Consolidated Airlines.


In my short time as a flight attendant, I was hijacked on my first flight, had one birth and one death onboard, and four emergency landings. I helped write the hijacking manuals for all airlines in the United States and Canada, spoke on air safety at the United Nations (accompanied by my father, who was National Air Safety Chairman for Western Airlines at the time) and received medals from the State of Alaska, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), the United Nations, and was given a Presidential Commendation from Richard Nixon. Plus, I met and married my husband. My year of adventure was far more than I could have imagined! 

We are very blessed and very grateful people. Nancy’s Canvas is a way to share some of my talents. These creations were made with love and I hope they will bring you JOY!